What is the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)?

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Sacro Occipital technique or SOT is an old chiropractic treatment that's still being used today. There's continuous proof of its effectiveness from clinical experience and scientific investigation. The SOT technique involves the importance of normal cranial function which is often overlooked. It mainly has to do with the cranial sacral respiratory mechanism which is a wavelength oscillation or in the covering of the brain and spinal cord. It needs to function properly in order for other functions in the body work correctly. Patients usually feel relaxed during this treatment. There may be some mild pain when adjustments are made but nothing to worry about.

Why use SOT?

Why use SOT?

The purpose of the Sacro Occipital technique is to help the function and health of the entire body. A combination of spinal and extremity alignment, soft tissue analysis and cranial sacral procedures are used. The body's entire structures are analyzed to find out if there's a nerve imbalance. When neural communication pathways between the brain and the spinal cord are working properly, mental and physical health problems will improve. Organs also need proper nerve supply in order to function optimally. These include high blood pressure, urinary problems, headaches, visual disturbances, respiratory problems and female reproductive problems. Nervous disorders or anxiety, extreme fatigue and posture problems also improve.

Sacro Occipital technique is based on using analysis so the doctor will know which treatment is best for the patient. The SOT adjustments each has certain indicators or clinical findings that show how and when to adjust subluxations. Indicators are based on neurological reflex patterns, neurological tests, weak muscles and other things. This system puts treatments into categories. After the category is determined for a patient, the treatment protocols are started. Indicators are monitored and adjustments may be added or removed at each visit depending on what the patient needs. Indicators also allow the chiropractor to determine when he has made a correction.

Some types of SOT treatment protocols are primary respiratory mechanism, cranial movement, neurological indicators, blocking and cerebrospinal fluid flow. Wedge shaped blocks are places under the low back or pelvis area to adjust the sacrum. Primary respiratory mechanism has to do with the pumping action of the craniosacral respiratory mechanism. SOT uses diagnostic and treatment methods to evaluate and return cranial movement to normal. Abnormal function of the neurological system needs treatment. Different adjustments involve blocking procedures that are also part of the SOT technique. Proper cerebrospinal fluid flow is important to good health.

Dr. M. B. DeJarnette developed this technique with study, research and clinical application. Sacro Occipital is said to naturally improve health when structural misalignment is corrected.

Misalignments can occur in the pelvis, spine, cranium, shoulders, arms, legs, knees, feet and organs. Pain can heal in all parts of the body when they're corrected. This includes pain from disc degeneration, herniation, sciatic pain and plantar fascitis. Excellent health can result when the skull, pelvis and spine are aligned and in balance. SOT is often used with different techniques. Patients are sometimes given direction about their diet and nutrition along with the Sacro Occipital Technique